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In the vicinity of “Les Niveoles” cottage

Enjoy the snow

There are 4 ski resorts in the Valley of Munster where to have snow fun!

At the Schnepfenried close by, you can do downhill or cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, or luge.

Three lakes at a walking distance from “Les Niveoles” cottage

Departing from “Les Niveoles”, you will find hiking trails which take you to across the Valley of Munster and reach some lakes.

The closest lakes are Fushboedle (about 40 minutes walk), Altenweiher (about 40 minutes walk) and Schiessrothried (about 1:30 hour walk).

Have lunch in a farm inn

Take a break in one of the numerous farm inns and enjoy the taste of our delicious terroir.

There are a few near our cottage: the Schnepfenried farm inn, the Salzbach farm inn, and the Kastelberg farm inn.

Our heritage

Immerse yourself in the history of the first World War, and discover those paths where there are still traces of the battles which took place in the Valley of Munster.

Experience a cattle drive

At the beginning of Spring, cows in the region depart to reach alpine grazing lands; At the beginning of Fall, they climb down the mountains to settle back in their cowshed. When you accompagny a cattle drive, you may live a special and unique experience and dive into local traditions.

There are over 400 km hiking trails!

It is an ideal playgroud for all mountain sports enthusiasts, with plenty of marked trails through the Vosges mountains range.

Discover iconic venues

The cottage is located at the base of the Rothenbachkopf summit. We have no doubt that you will often glance towards this beautiful summit, where you might see paragliders playing with the wind up there.

Walk across the mythical and stunning Wormsa valley to reach a lake or navigate through our local history and its vestiges, such as the legend of the very last bear, the telephone line, etc.

Last but not least, what about watching the sun rise or sun set standing on the Hohneck summit, one of the highest in the Vosges mountains range.

Unexpected encounter

There are a lot of animals in the Vosges mountains. Among them, the chamois is the most popular!

While hiking, it is likely that you may be able to observe some chamois. The chamois are used to people, and from time to time you can stand and observe at a very close distance.

Events and places to visit in the next two weeks

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